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Dr (soon to be Dr Dr) Joan Barbara Travers Simon. Teacher, researcher, novelist, editor and more. As an author, I write adult-rated fiction for freethinkers. Explosive (multicultural) literary fiction with alpha protagonists locked in an erotic-psychological Kampf. Raw, funny, philosophical. Read my work (e.g. Verses Nature) and make your own mind up. I can also turn the heat level down. Long Time Walk On Water: 'a captivating multicultural historical novel with its splash of something quite unique, its touch of romance, reggae style, will win your heart forever.' I've been called many names: a wordsmith par excellence. A madwoman and literary terrorist. A magician. A truly fearless writer. I rather like all of these. I've also been called a woman with a dick. I like that one even more. As a scholar, I run an education blog for the general public. My special interest: the multilingual literacy development of young learners at home and school. Very little jargon. Lots of good ideas/data for free. I am also about to launch an online course for PhD students: The Academic Writer's Programme (AWP). A free mini version of this course will be on offer soon. Updates about this are on my website: www.joan-barbara-simon.com I love learning, asking questions, breaking the rules and giving you what you won't get anywhere else.

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