Verses Nature excerpt!

JOSEPH 1:5, EDEN 1-4

I had my first cunnilingus when I was three years old. Been searching for that flavour ever since; that of innocence, inattentive of hygiene. A bit fish, a bit salmon… crevettes…

She was the daughter of the shopkeeper who owned the Sadna. Whenever mother went there to buy something, I’d be sure to come along cos I just had to get a glimpse of this little girl tho I saw her at school everyday, but when there was no school, I still had to find a way to see her. We were in love, see. No, really. I now happen to think that her father was rather partial to mother too, he kept slipping her freebies and their hands would brush. She told him of a garlic treatment she knew for warts and another one for hair loss: add five chopped cloves of garlic to three soup spoons of olive oil, soak the paste for two days then apply half an hour before washing your hair, she said. And for that extra shine, don’t throw away the water after you’ve cooked rice, massage it into your hair, leave it on for a while, then rinse.

You’re so knowledgeable, Madame! You know all the tricks of your trade. And I know all the tricks of mine…

Dirty little slimer.

Whilst he was working out ways of getting under mother’s skirt, I’d be half hidden behind mother and his daughter would be half hidden behind him. She’d come to my place after school when mother had gone to work for she knew I’d be alone. We’d get undressed, go to bed and do a real 69. I’d lick her pussy and she’d suck my dick. Then we’d eat whatever she had pinched from the store, mostly pastilles Vichy. I tried to penetrate her and others later but it didn’t work. In the beginning I thought their hole was at the front. It was only once I started the finger inspections that I found out where it really was.

All the girls wanted to sit next to me at school. Pretty things with little girl’s feet, lacy socks and champing at the bit. She would fight them off like a lioness! She would scratch and spit and tear at them till they backed off, haaa-ha-haaa! This went on right through maternelle and primary school till about the age of 8, when she became interested in someone else. And I was free to have all the other girls I wanted.



JOSEPH 1:5, EDEN 5-9

I so spent my whole childhood around girls. Whilst the other morons were kicking a ball around I was playing doctor and performing intimate examinations of girls’ privates. I never forced anyone to do anything, they all wanted to. I’d pull them apart and take a good look. Or sniff. I’d finger them, stick my tongue inside and let myself be inspected, too.

The only social outlet we as kids had was the Christian Social Club. We’d go there for religious education but carried on all the same. I would confess weekly to the curate.

Sorry, father, I touched so-n-so, and so-n-so.

He’d tell me,

This has to stop, my son, for you know it is a sin. Besides, you’ve been telling me these stories for years already!

My penitence would be a certain number of prayers, which I would rattle off on my way out, making sure he could see and hear me. Good, got that out of the way, for I was in a hurry; my next rendez-vous was right now behind the church.

Communion preparation was held in a convent. We had to stay there for a whole week. The girls had their dormitory and the boys had theirs but there was still a lot of sex doing the rounds. When they had a movie night, watching super-8 films, I would sit in the dark with a girl on either side, my fingers delving into the dark wetness of both of them.

There was only this one girl in the group I hadn’t had till then. All the others had lost their attraction. I got her to go to the toilet with me. She ran out screaming and crying and straight into the nuns’ putty-like arms to tell them what had happened. I had tried to molest her. I had got my — thing — out and told her to suck it. The nuns told the curate. The curate had serious words with me. The children stood in clusters and whispered behind their hands. They showed me the ‘finger’. I did feel a twang of shame but what the hell, it was snuffed out by the intense wave of mépris that I had for them all. All of them.

That was my childhood and I can still see their little knickers, yellow up the front, brown up the back and changed only once a week. You didn’t have toilets in the house in them days. Your toilet was a shack in the garden with slits in the floor. We were country folk. You didn’t brush your teeth either. I ended up getting my first crowns by the time I was 11. Teeth rotting away on pussy juice no doubt. Life was simple. Life was sweet.


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